Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Night I Followed My Goldfish

Heather Hammock, a fourth grade writing teacher at West Point Elementary, shared this piece of writing from one of her students.  They had read The Night I Followed My Dog and were challenged to write a similar story.  Impressive!!

The Night I Followed My Goldfish

Everyday my goldfish is just swimming around in his tank. His name is Oscar, but all he does is swim, but one morning at 6:00 in the morning my fish and his tank were gone. I thought my brother had taken it but that could never happen because he is asleep. So the next night I decided to follow my pet goldfish.

So the night came and I waited on my fish until he went to the little castle in the tank. I jumped out of bed and I peeked in there and you won’t believe what I saw! There were suits, bathrooms, furniture, and even a little kitchen. Oscar had on a suit with a bowtie and even a fedora. I was shocked but he stared combing his scales…that was a little weird. But I wanted to see more. He finally got done getting ready so he went to his kitchen and ate some toast. The he was coming toward me. I did not know what to do, so I jumped back in bed real quick.

After that I peeked under my covers a little bit and you will never believe this. His tank turned into a unicycle! Where did he get a unicycle? Oscar’s tank plopped down to the ground without breaking. So I decided to follow him, but he was too fast. He went out of the house and down the street. He was really fast. I thought I would never catch up, but then Oscar stopped at the Aquarium of Sea Life. But then he started to go through a hole in the wall. I could not fit through the hole so I used the window because the door was locked. When I got in I saw my fish in the goldfish tank with some other fish. Right then two mean looking piranhas came up to me. I did not know what to say.

So, I just said, “My fish is in there.” “Sorry, no humans allowed,” said the piranhas. Then my fish came up to me and said, “It’s okay. He’s with me.” “Whatever you say boss!” I asked him what is this place. “This is where we fish come and hang out after a hard day. I looked in the tank and saw them having a blast, but I could not go in because I had ear surgery, and I can’t get my ear wet. After a few minutes I looked at him and said, “ I have to go.” He looked at me and said, “See you big guy!” I walked out of the aquarium and said that maybe having a lame goldfish is not so bad.

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