Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Text Me!

SOLS Challenge Day 19
My twelve year old daughter, Emily,  has recently made a new friend. (I'll call her Jennifer.)  Jennifer and Emily do all the things new friends do to get to know each other.  They chat, laugh, and generally act like the tweens they are.  My daughter has even bestowed upon her new pal a  lovely handmade friendship bracelet. 

This budding friendship is fairly conventional, with one exception. Emily's new friend chooses not to speak. Perhaps it is because she is self-conscious about her Korean accent.  Nobody really knows--yet.  Her grammar, however, is near-perfect.  We know this because her preferred method of communication is texting. 

Say what you will about teens, tweens, and texts, but I am thrilled that my daughter has this opportunity to make a beautiful new friend.  Jennifer has a lot to say, and has already told Emily that she is sure she will speak to her aloud. Ems says she'll text me when it happens. <3

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