Monday, March 28, 2011

Racing in the Rain

At first the raindrops came sporadically.  "It's isolated," my husband said as he pointed to the ominous clouds. 

I was excited to be out there, trying out the new road bike.  The sound of the raindrops on my helmet was interesting to me.  I couldn't recall ever riding in the rain before.

Then the raindrops began to fall faster.  And faster.  Not only were they hitting my helmet, but my glasses were now covered in tiny pools of rain.  My husband finally caved.  "Let's turn around!" 

On the way back to the truck, the wind picked up and we were racing through rain that seemed to be falling sideways.  Cars passed and I smiled to myself thinking about what they were probably saying about us.  "Look at those fools.  Didn't they look at the radar before they went out?"  Yes, we did.  According to, the rain wasn't supposed to arrive for another hour.

We were soaked, smiling, and a bit annoyed that we didn't get to ride longer.  As we put the bikes away, we heard the distant scream of tornado sirens. 

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