Saturday, March 26, 2011

An American Idol Lesson

Just finished watching our tivo'd American Idol episodes from this week.  We listened to the contestants sing their Motown-lovin' hearts out.  Then we fast forwarded through most of the results show, stopping briefly for Stevie Wonder and Jen Nettles.

We could not believe our ears when we heard that one of our family favorites, Casey, had the fewest votes this week. As he started singing "for his life," we sat in awe as Randy, Paula, and Steven stopped him.  What was happening?  They decided that he had no business going home and that they were using their one "save" on him. 

What a humble response Casey had.  We thought they may have to call the medics for him-- he was shaking and seemingly disoriented.  When he got himself together, he was able to articulate his profound thanks and awe at having been "saved." It was a sweet moment.

I think we can all take a lesson from Casey:  Work hard. Leave it all "on the stage." (or classroom!) When we come even close to attaining our goals or dreams, we should remember to be humble. We are often not the only ones responsible for our fate.

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