Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feels Like Home

It had been too long.  The faint musty smell, the quiet click of computers, the comfy chairs beckoning.  I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy the local public library. 

Back in the days before daily soccer practice, band rehearsals, longer school days, and a side job at the gym, the kids and I were able to find time to go to our local library every so often during the school year.  Next to the bookstore, it was one of our favorite places.

For me, going to the library always takes me back.  Back to when I was little and living in rural Maryland.  We didn't have air conditioning at home, so we would escape the intense heat and humidity by visiting the public library.  We would lilterally spend the entire afternoon basking in the chilly air, transported to far away places by the carefully crafted words in the books we read.

I wish we had more time these days to hang out at the library.  It is a comforting place.  A place at which we can relax and let down our guard.  Visiting the library today, even for just a few minutes, felt like home.

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