Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Day for Me

SOLS Challenge Day 4
Coffee in bed.  An all day shopping trip.  Grouper grilled especially for me by my husband.  Today is my forty-fourth birthday.

I had a fabulous day.  I bought a few cute things on sale and I treated myself to a pair of new jeans. I spent the whole day on my own-- a little "Kim Time," as my husband calls it. 

The shopping trip, however, was not my favorite part of the day.  My favorite part was this morning, when the whole family piled into bed with me, toting balloons and cards.

I took a few pictures, but I have sworn that I would not show them to anyone.  We all have bed-head and sleepy eyes, not to mention morning breath.  It's all good, though.  The family in the picture is happy, and we are blessed.

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  1. Happy birthday! This is a great post--my favorite is the last paragraph. That line with bed-head, sleepy eyes and morning breath really resonates in my mind because we too area family who does cards and gifts first thing in the morning. Not the best time for photos, but lots of fun!