Friday, March 11, 2011


SOLS Challenge Day 10
My fifteen year old drove us to school this morning.  Since obtaining his learner's permit, we have tried to give him as much practice as possible.  I have discovered that most of the time I am on auto-pilot when I drive.  I never thought to mention that we must...
  • accelerate as we go up a hill.
  • decelerate as we go down a hill. (Please!)
  • start braking well before we come to the stop sign.
  • cut our wheel just enough when we make a turn so we are able to stay in our lane. (Pretty please!)
  • stay in between the lines-- try not to come to close to the mailboxes on the passenger's side. 
Explaining all those things to my favorite son caused me to ponder how much of life we go through without even thinking.  Too often we are on auto-pilot. It is a subtle reminder to stay in the moment.  To pay attention.  To notice.

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  1. Oh how I can relate! My son is 15 as well, and I must say that teaching someone else to drive (especially someone to whom you gave birth!) makes you really consider all the little things that you no longer notice you do when driving.
    Thanks for sharing!