Thursday, September 10, 2009

Awaiting the Magic

Everything was in readiness. The ground was cleaned, lined with neat, straight furrows. No green anywhere. Only a brown corduroy surface. The tiny gem-like seeds were in their places and covered lightly with their blanket of soil. Nothing happens because the magic has not come yet. The sun rose and set several times. Signs were beginning to announce the anticipated arrival of the magic. There was a different feel in the air. Still nothing and the sun sets yet again.

Suddenly, a thunderous bass drum announces the arrival of the magic. It is almost here; like walking slowly down a red carpet to arrive at the stage. Now the magic is pelting everything in its path, showing no mercy. There is a feeling of anger in it but it is truly a gift. After a few moments of beating rage, calmness sets in and the magic rests. It comes again, gentler this time and staying longer. The cycle repeats a few more times, sometimes lighting the sky to show off. Finally it is gone.

Because of the magic, the brown corduroy will now become an amazing tapestry of color and texture and fragrance and nourishment. Without the magic, it would remain like dust.


  1. WOW! That is beautiful. How long did it take you to craft that? Did you share it with your students? Did you use it to teach "show don't tell" or using sensory images? I'm really blown away. Can't wait to talk more about this.

  2. Write what you know! I planted my fall garden last Sunday and the weather report changed on me to show no rain. In the middle of the night Wednesday, I woke up to thunder and lay awake listening to the rain. The "passage" came to me then. I will be sharing this with my class today. I wrote it in about 20 minutes during planning yesterday. I hope these comments make it to the post. I've tried to leave comments before--unsuccessfully!