Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Me Keep a Journal?

Back to our ride in the State Park last Sunday.

I have often wished that I could/would keep a journal. I try to keep one for my garden. I get the planning part done, but once things start growing, the journal is long forgotten. We are planning to build a house at some point in our future and as we take our rides around and find houses we like I have pointed out that we should carry a camera so we could take a picture of those houses, yards, barns, etc. We always forget about them after the ride is over. A picture journal would be a good thing--but we've never gotten it started.

Well, last Sunday we were riding through the Park and we drove past a road named Mary Hugger Hill. I have always noticed and had favorite street names. I'm a little like Donovan, the word collector from one of Kim's earlier posts. My all-time favorite street name is Egg and Butter Road which is down in the Albany, Georgia area. Then there is Precious Queen Road. My street I lived on most of my childhood was called Pen Lucy Road. I was talking with Steve about Mary Hugger Hill and he said, "You should get a journal to carry with you when we ride. Then you could write down your street names you find and you won't forget them." Surprisingly, the idea appeals to me. There is no burden to use the journal for any purpose other than my own sheer enjoyment. I don't have to write anything on a schedule or keep up with dates. I just need to have it handy. It could live in the glove compartment.

I've already surprised myself by writing regularly on this blog. It's not as hard as you might think. Wouldn't it be something if I began keeping a journal, too?

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