Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Panda Heads and Soccer Cleats

I've got the highest score in the family for Wii Soccer. 500. That's an almost perfect game of carefully balancing, heading the oncoming balls, while at the same time ducking the random soccer cleats and panda heads. I'm pretty proud of my score, especially since I'm the oldest person in our household.

I am here to tell you, though, that it's a fluke. I have never consistently gotten scores that high. Those darned soccer cleats and panda heads inevitably konk me in the noggin and I end up with scores of 250 or 300.

As I was playing today, it occurred to me that this simple balancing game is a good metaphor for life. Life is a balancing act-- work, parenthood, church, being a good spouse, making time for a hobby or two, being a decent friend.... we try to keep our eye on the proverbial balls that coming flying at us, but sometimes we lean the wrong way and get smacked upside the head. The real strength test comes next-- what do we do in response? Do we stomp away? Do we blame someone else? Do we quit the game? Or do we jump back in the game, more knowledgeable and aware, ready to better our personal best?