Monday, April 20, 2009

Memoir Monday

The girls at host Memoir Monday each week. Again, I take their lead. Here is a little something to make you laugh on this first day of CRCT!

I looked down at my shoes and chuckled to myself. One brown, one black. I wondered if I tapped my heels together three times I'd return home to find my "soles' mates". Not likely, I told myself as I thought about this morning's events. Apparently, this was par for the course on this fine Wednesday.

I had started the morning by spilling my coffe (my first cup!) in the bathroom while drying my hair. This set me back at least ten minutes. It's no fun cleaning coffee out of brushes, combs and other assorted toiletries.

Just as I resumed drying my hair, sans coffee, my daughter came in with a fashion crisis. Where was that blue shirt with the frog on it? The one she always wore on P.E. days that gave her good luck and made her the almost-fastest-girl-in-the-class? Luckily, it didn't take too long to track in down in the laundry room. Not so luckily, it wasn't quite what you would call clean. I threw it in the dryer for a quick dance with a Snuggle sheet (Don't even pretend you've never done such a thing!) and ran back up the stairs to finish my hair and get dressed. I muttered a little self coaching along the way. "I can do this. It's Wednesday. Halfway through the week. I'm not going to let this steal my joy. This WILL be a good day."

I made it out of the door only running a few minutes late. As I rounded a corner, halfway across town, I realized I had forgotten my purse. I scanned the area for policemen and forced myself to slow down to the posted speed limit. With no policemen in sight, my day appeared to be looking up....

Until I looked down. It was then that I noticed my shoes. Life is humbling. Sometimes you are on top your game, and other days it feels like you would rather be benched. Either way, I get to choose my reaction. Today I choose to laugh and stay in the game. Right after I go find a cup of coffee.