Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Stuff

I had an interesting conversation with a new first grade teacher the other day.  This lovely lady has taught second grade for several years and had never taught any younger grades.  She was a bit disheartened when I dropped in on her, saying that she just didn't realize how little her students would know. 

After a short discussion, we decided to back up a bit.  She had them draw a picture of their choice and then encouraged them to talk and write about their picture.  Below you will see the results. 

They knew A LOT more than she thought they did!  Because they had time to draw and talk about their ideas, and because they had a choice about their topic, they were able to produce some very nice beginning-of-the-year pieces.  Their teacher can look at their work and quickly assess what they already know about the first grade ELA standards-- that includes the Reading standards-- and make her plans accordingly.  Write on!

Still at the scribbling stage...

Me and my dog Chico he is my dog is brown

I see the American flag.  (The student used the Pledge of Allegiance poster in the room as a resource.)

I went shopping with my cousin and got a dres for school and it cost 3 dollar

My friend is spending a.....
My sister play with ball. and we ride I (a?) motorcycle.

I love to ride my roller coaster. my dad toook me to Six Flags

I love a hotel. Because it got a pool. Me and my mom.
I'm playing with my yo yo outside with my sister
I love my mom she loves me We live .....I get to school by car.

I like riding my dirt bike when my mom says I can ride my dirt bike.


  1. Anonymous24.8.11

    I am excited to see my student's work! They are truly excited about writing this year. Thank you Mrs. Schoonover for your guidance and support so far!!
    The teacher

  2. I look forward to a great year together! :)