Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Awesome Knees

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"What's wrong with your knees?" the curious kindergartner inquired. 
"There's nothing really wrong with them, except they are ashy and in need of lotion," I quickly replied.

Three other little people plopped down in front of me, eager to get a gander at my knees. They began to rub my ashy knees, enthralled with the texture.  Another boy began to poke. 
"Do this! It's awesome!" he exclaimed.

I couldn't control myself any longer.  I laughed aloud and asked the busy children to move into their own spaces. 

When I got home that afternoon, my curiosity got the best of me and I poked my own knee to see what the big hullabaloo was about.  It turns out my skin turns white and then pink each time it is poked.  I chuckled to myself and thought about how easy it is to ignite the curiosity of young children.  They can find the wonder and awe in the most mundane of situations. 

I need to take a lesson from these kindergartners.  I need to slllllooooooow down and take the time to notice and appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary around me.  That includes my awesome knees.


  1. Ha! This is too cute! Thanks for the giggle and the reminder of what I am excited about when school begins soon. The wonders of little ones. Thank you!

  2. I used to teach first grade & remember that they stroked my knees & legs when I read aloud to them. Your story is so cute; little children are those who remind us of the important things, like your knees! Your accepting of this 'investigation' was so calm & sweet. I bet they'll remember this for a while.

  3. Oh that is so funny! It's amazing what those little ones will share. When I taught kindergarten, the boys would rub my legs when I wore stallings. They didn't know the texture. So funny!

  4. Bahahaha! Love the voice you have in your writing! This reminds me of some first graders that were enthralled with the veins in my hands. They were only too happy to tell me that my veins looked just like their grandma's. :)They were also helpful in letting me know when my socks didn't match.