Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Get Started

How do you like the fancy new header?  My daughter, Emily, drew the picture and then I snapped a photo with my camera.  I then emailed it to myself from my phone.  I had to play around with size for awhile, but finally got something acceptable.  I was tickled with how easy the process was. 

That little project really got me thinking about technology in the classroom.  This summer, for my own professional development, I am going to revisit some technology tools for the writing classroom.  I will post samples and thoughts here periodically. 

My other project is to beef up my writer's notebook.  I am inspired by Ruth Ayers, one of my idols over at Two Writing Teachers.  She has started another blog, on which I am finding new inspiration.  You should really check it out here.

Let's get this summer started!

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