Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Farmer's Market

Last year a few gardening friends got together and started a small farmer's market. We thought we'd try it and see what happened. We had a nice little Saturday morning market and met several lovely "regular" customers. Our location was a little off the beaten path and so this year, when someone from the Development Authority asked us to move to downtown LaGrange we readily agreed.

Our market has grown because of the new location. We have more people coming to sell their wares and lots more people coming out to see what we've got to offer each week. I bring this up, not to advertise for our market, but to point out how gratifying it can be to start something new. Like most people who grow a garden, we are a group of people who appreciate fresh foods. Our customers, who are willing to leave the comfort of their pajamas on a Saturday morning, also appreciate the fresh fruits and vegetables we have to offer. We enjoy the conversations that spring up. Recipes are exchanged and gardening advice is sought. I personally feel a sense of importance in the fact that I am contributing to others' good nutrition. Our 2 hours on Saturday morning fly by.

Is it a lot of work? Yes. It takes time to tend the garden (which I would do anyway), and it takes extra time every Friday afternoon and evening to get ready for Saturday morning. But here's the funny thing. When you receive positive feedback for something you do, you become more energized about doing whatever that thing is. To hear some of our customers talk, you'd think we were Superwomen/men. They feel like we are doing the impossible by growing vegetables, or baking, or canning, or making soap, or whatever it is that each of us does. The reality is that we would do all these things even if there was no market. But isn't it a great thing to get a pat on the back for what we do? I need to remember to give more pats on the back.