Thursday, July 2, 2009

SchoonDogs Summer Reading

July is here and the Schoondogs are still reading! Matt has reread four of the Harry Potter books so far and has taken a respite for now. He took a break to read The Hunger Games. I also read it and was blown away. Disturbing, powerful, riveting, violent, and thought provoking. Just what the doctor ordered to keep a 13 year old engaged! We enjoyed comparing notes about it. (He didn't like the ending; it was a little too "sappy" for him.) The sequel, Catching Fire, will come out in September and we will both be in line to get our copy of it.

Emily has recently finished Inkheart and has just started the sequel, Inkspell. The premise of these stories is really clever. The characters can be "read" out of books and into real life and readers can be "read" into books. These books have captivated Emily...we have promised to watch the Inkheart movie soon.
Here is a nice little interview with Cornelia Funke, if you are interested. What a writing life she has.
Life is good when you have sand between your toes and a book in your hand! Happy reading and happy summer!