Saturday, July 18, 2009


"Posterize yourself" is the catchphrse for Imagine a virtual bulletin board on which you can place pictures, video, links, videos, and music. That's glogster in a nutshell. Here is a sample glog. There are so many classroom implications-- a glog would be a great activator or summarizer. Through Glogster for Educators, you could even have your students create glogs and use them for formative assessments. Glogs could also be used as a 21st century book report, poster, or diarama. As with anything on the web, you'll want to fully explore glogster yourself before you throw it out there for your students. Make sure you use the educator's site. It seems that some of the images on the main page may not be appropriate. Maybe you'll have a down day this summer, (maybe it will rain again?) and you can play around to create one of your own. Until then, here are a few other glogs from educators:

A first grade teacher's glog
Math Practice Glog
Reading Practice Glog
High School Poetry Glogs