Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hot Off The Shelves #3

The Burger and the Hot Dog by Jim Aylesworth is the next book hot off the shelves of LaGrange Memorial Library!
This book of silly food poetry could help you teach the following minilessons:

Poetry: stanzas, rhyme, rhythm

Personification: All the food comes to life in these poems. Perfect to teach personification! "A burger and hot dog one day had a nasty spat. The burger got insulted 'cause the hot dog called him flat."

Playful language/puns: The bread said, "You're my sweetie, and you know I love you so, but restaurants are expensive! You must think I'm made of dough!"

At the end of the book, the author invites the reader to write some food poetry of his/her own. "So keep your eyes wide open! You'll meet new ones if you do, but if you want more poems then the rhyming's up to you!"

This is a good book for the trait of word choice, as most poetry books would be. Check it out. You'll begin to look at your lunch a little differently!