Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sparkle Moments

Whew! Life is busy, busy, busy this time of year! Everyone has his/her (mostly her) nose to the grindstone, trying to squeeze in as much as possible before next Tuesday. To compound things, spring sports are in full swing, which means lots of us are out at night more. Last night I watched a soccer game while zipped up to my eyeballs in a sleeping bag. Brrr. It's easy to lose sight of the important things during this time, because we feel so much pressure. I challenge you to take time to find "Sparkle Moments" during the day today-- those things that make us smile; those things that make us remember why we wanted to be a teacher or a mom, or somebody's wife. Here are some of mine from today:

My vitamins laid out for me
Big laughs with teenagers from church
Listening to the aforementioned teens sing worship songs
A sweet text message in the middle of the day
Emily's smile when I ask her if she wants me to read aloud to her
A van full of kids
A big, toothy smile from Matt, sans braces

Be on the lookout for them. These moments are there, if we are actively watching for them and being intentional about savoring them when we happen upon them. Head's up!