Thursday, April 2, 2009

21 Days

They say doing something 21 days in a row makes a habit. I guess my 21 starts today, since I didn't write yesterday. To think about doing this everyday is daunting. I had every great intention of writing yesterday-- I was going to sit down at the computer after the kids went to bed. That didn't work out so well because I promptly fell asleep instead!

I have this wonderful, although sometimes annoying, gift-- as soon as I get horizontal, I fall asleep. It has been our family tradition to lay down and read with our kids before bed and then end the day with prayers. My problem, more often than not, is that I fall asleep if I let myself stay there after prayers. Maybe I should modify our tradition, but I don't think I'm ready just yet to let go of it, or even change it.

So, I'm up early, starting my day off nicely-- listening to the rain (MORE rain??!) and the pitter patter of my fingers on the keyboard. Maybe I'll try to write in the morning instead of at night. Yes, that may work better. This will be my first of 21 days to make this daily writing thing a habit.